If you’ve read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy (and if you haven’t you should do), you’ll know what a mo-hole is. This must be what he had in mind. Look at how huge it it is compared to the truck on slide 2!

Criminal blogging?

From the Grauniad:

  The net’s not closing for this fugitive. Britain has its first on the run blogger. Conwoman and fraudster Farah Damji, 39, has absconded from Downview prison in Surrey, where she has been serving a three and a half year sentence…. [Guardian Unlimited: News blog]

Email Is So Broken

As this report (among others thrust at us almost weekly) shows again, email is well and truly broken and we need another way of disseminating personally targetted information that has been requested by the person targetted. Dave Winer wrote about how RSS can help fix it, or get rid of email altogether.

The OPML Editor (which I’m using to post this), and derivatives thereof, can help by having people add and read to centrally held opml conversation files (not a new idea, but standards based and ease of access are key, and provided by opml). The project is an example of this

DJ Daddy

Jo was off to the shops and I was looking after Beth, who was waving her hands in the air as Mummy left. Here’s the playlist we went through:

  Word Up (7″ Vocal Version), Cameo
  Mama Don’t, J.J. Cale
  Mama Told Me Not To Come, Tom Jones With Stereophonics
  Shopping, Pet Shop Boys
  Brimful Of Asha, Cornershop
  Outerspace Girl, The Beloved
  Space Walk, Lemon Jelly
  Einstein A Go Go, Landscape
  Sound Scientist, bill (
  Karl the Koala, Phil Christie
  Ram Goat Liver, Pluto Shervington
  “Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good To You”, Louis Armstrong
  (My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry, Eurythmics
  Thank You For The Music, ABBA

Bone/Brain Reset

I have a dislocated collarbone, not broken. “Displaced clavicle”. It’s going to be another week flying the couch (not typing apparently, ahem) then maybe I can risk the train again. Doc, so far, says I can’t drive for another 6 weeks, ride push bike for 3 months, motorbike for 6 months. Digesting that. not happy currently.

It’s my own stupid fault, etc.