Another Great Walk Geocaching and Criticism

Cracked another geocache. Lovely walk round part of a huge manmade lake, run by Anglian Water. No hosepipe ban round there I think 🙂

It’s interesting (for me anyway) that, as we changed the non-functioning cache container for a new one, I was worrying about how to phrase our log of the find. Would “we replaced the container as it was leaking” be OK? Or would we be seen as interfering busybodies who should have left it for the cache owner? Maybe we should just replace it but not mention it? Or just leave the mouldy and rusty crap in the current container to get worse and add our own McTat to it to potentially poison the earth round a lovely and ancient spot?

Even now I’m thinking “Well, should I leave that in? What happens if someone reads it? I mean, I know no-one reads the blog, but what happens if the cache owner’s mother’s dog’s sister’s vet is into OPML and mentions in passing that I said such-and-such a cache was poisoning the area (which not what I said incidentally) and it gets to them?” Arrggh!

Very confusing stuff. A good book to read, that, among many other things, makes you think about the silly lengths we can go to to minimise any possible perception of criticism by others, implied or overt, is Lynn Truss’ Talk To The Hand

Does Embedded OPML Happen? Part Deux

Not really. It showed as linked to the file refrenced, but there was no hyoerlink on the blog. Once I went back and double-clicked the subhead to inline the linked file and saved again, it appeared, inline, on the blog. Will just use html links I think, unless I want to post a static outline up.