American Investors in Bahrain told to go

Dunno who DEBKA are but they are reporting that American Investors in Bahrain are being advised to pack up busness ops and leave. Seems to be to do with a massive US military build-up.

Hell’s teeth, there’s so going to be a war with Iran.

I’m sure I remember quiet diplomacy being much more restrained and going on for much longer before the guns came out when I was a kid. Probably the rose-tinited specs again.

Mind you, the UN Security Council are playing into the hands of those who say the UN is toothless by not deploring the captivity of the British Service personnel on UN business.

Wow, what a world. Did any of us vote for this, in Iran, in Britain, or the USA? I’m sure none of us did. Probably “simplistic” thinking and “naive” eh? I obviously need to be a powerful asshat to understand why people need to get dead.

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