Eurovision Final Part 2

Romania – wow, how many languages can they sing in… and how many nationalities can they offend with their stereotyping? Awesome. I reckon the Greeks are going to be most annoyed. Great stuff.

Bulgaria – Oh hell. Not again. Semi -finalists. Bloody awful. Sorry. It’s the hook that just grates. The bloke loosk like the DJ off Phoenix Nights.

Turkey – Argh. Still terrible. Sorry. Sir Tel reckons all the dancers (who are lovely) are British. So that’s alright then. Still prefer Russia though.

I wonder if one could hi-jack the light show for sub -liminal messages? Maybe the British entry next year should be Derren Brown.

Not much more to go. Much better show than Thursday.

Armenia – David Essex put on weight, or went down the gym. Heartfelt, “I will always l love you” type of song. We’re at the shouting stage now.

Moldova – semi-finalist. It’s called “Fight”. Last song. I used to share a house with a guy who played his guitar like this. I used to attack my violin in much the same way too.

The presenters are scaring everyone now. He’s shouting about Father Christmas.

Jeez. They’ve brought on Father Christmas. He’s scaring children.

Vote now: vote Russia – 09011 21 31 15

I have done my annual European duty. I feel validated.

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