An iPhone sir?

A week into the new iPhone. Loving it. Am just using the bog standard facilities at the moment, but they are more than mindblowingly good. ziphone seems to be the way forward if you disagree with Mr Jobs’ carrier selection.

I love having my ipod and phone in one and the ipod fading out when someone calls me, and back in when the call ends. The only downsides some might see with that are:

1. you look like a proper mentalist talking to your ipod, but I don’t mind that.
2. you can’t use any other headphones than the iphone ones apple supply with it. No biggie, but would prefer options.

Have found a nice wikipedia portal called ipodia that formats for the iphone and lets you save the article for offline viewing.

And I know the rumour is that the 3Gs are on order and out in 3rd quarter, but I am loving my iphone now 🙂 I am such a fan boy.