Above the Gulf of Arabia

Top one from the 90’s today… The The – Sweet Bird of Truth from the album Infected. Awesome song, awesome album. Amazing how the mind plays tricks. I was convinced it reminded me of 6th form Common Room in the late 80’s, usually fitted in between the genre defining miserablists The Smiths (who I’m not linking to on principle) and The Cure (who are great, so nerr). Turns out it must have been an earlier album as the album was only released in 1990 by which time I was encoding cheques at NatWest Bank in the machine room. The The have been around since 1979, formed and fronted by the iconic Matt Johnson. IMHO Infected is still as fresh today as it was in 1990. Well worth a listen.

I’m defining a new smart playlist to select tracks I haven’t played for over 6 months that I haven’t marked as “Never play again” (1 star rating). Should make sure I hit more of my music more often. I’m hoping surprise and delight, but I have no doubt there will be shock and awe in there too.

One thought on “Above the Gulf of Arabia

  1. Not linking to The Smiths has made your whole article void of worth.
    But thanks for the link i will listen to Definite Article Definite Article (Dada).

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