Jensen Interceptor

There was one outside work, so I took a photo for all you lovely people. This of course put me in mind of The Saint. So that’s Song Of The Day.

I’ve never seen the The Saint on TV (it was probably on ITV). I always vaguely thought Roger Moore drove the Volvo and then at some point changed to the Jensen. No. Roger Moore played Simon Templar in the 60’s. The Jensen The Saint was a 1976 model, driven in the remake series in 1989. The chap playing Templar was Simon Dutton (Duttons are another fantastic make of car, but I digress).  You learn something new every day.

I chose the Orbital version cos:

  1. It’s the only version I own
  2. It’s quite kick arse.

The Cult’s Saint is quite good too, and very kick arse, but not quite aligned with the Jensen.

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