Easy Group Twittering?

@danielbower was wondering whether there is a way to address multiple twitter users in a reply easily. There are a couple of ways that spring to mind:

  1. You create another twitter account specially for the group. Let’s call it @keystone. Everyone in the group friends up @keystone and posts group messages to @keystone. Simple.
  2. Decide on a keyword for the group twittering. Let’s call ours grpKeyStone. Have a crontab watching each of the group members twitter rss. When a post is on the rss starting with grpKeyStone , the script re-tweets to each of the other members of the group with the usual @name.
  3. Option 2 doesn’t address your other friends getting tweets with the incomprehensible grpkeyStone on the beginning of them, so may be worth combining the above options. Have a separate twitter account to target the group messages at, and a script watching and re-tweeting the messages to the specific members of the group.

Clear as mud 🙂

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