Visualisation of Number of Tracks By Artist

Wordle – My Tracks By Artist

This is built up from my iTunes library. I extracted the artist name for every track in the library and removed the spaces in the names. It could probably stand a little data cleansing (Cafe Del Mar for example has registered as “Caf” and separate artist “DelMar”). Wordle counts the repetitions and sizes it like a tag cloud. I removed Douglas Adams and Roald Dahl because each of their books are broken down into many. many wonderful tracks and they were massively larger than anything else. And cos it’s my data and I can so nerrrr 🙂

I hasten to add they’re not ranked or sized by play count. Haven’t sussed that yet. I can honestly say I’ve got zero count on all the Abba tracks.

Thanks to Dan for pointing me in the right direction for this stuff.

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