Twitter Archiving

Been asked a few times about how to get all a user’s tweets off twitter and onto a local file.

Activestate have a great python recipe to do it that works well. You just have to get python and BeautifulSoup onto your PC.

First install Python:

  • Linux, it’s easy, just check your package manager and get python.
  • Windows, it’s easy, go to activestates website a download and install ActivePython

Then install BeautifulSoup:

  • Download BeautifulSoup tar
  • Unzip it – you may need to untar it too. On Windows you can just use 7-zip or WinZip on the tar file as if it was a zip file. You will end up with a folder called BeautifulSoup-X.x.x.
  • Open a terminal or Command Prompt and cd to the BeautifulSoup-X.x.x folder
  • Type python install and hit return
  • BeautifulSoup is installed

Now setup the program that gets the data and saves it for you.

  • Open the activestate recipe page.
  • Create a new text file in your Documents folder called as (make sure you get rid of the .txt extension)
  • Edit the file and copy paste the recipe into the file:
    import time
    from urllib2 import urlopen
    from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
    # Replace USERNAME with your twitter username
    url = u''
    tweets_file = open('tweets', 'w')
    for x in range(10*10000):
        f = urlopen(url % x)
        soup = BeautifulSoup(
        tweets = soup.findAll('span', {'class': 'entry-content'})
        if len(tweets) == 0:
        [tweets_file.write(x.renderContents() + '\n') for x in tweets]
        # being nice to twitter's servers
  • Update USERNAME as instructed in the recipe and save it
  • Run the program. On Windows you can double-click it or run from a Command Prompt. On linux you’ll need to run it through python: python -c
  • It will create a file called tweets in the same folder. After a while (it can take some time) the file will be filled with your tweets.

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