Quick Ruby On Rails


I need to do a quick prototype of a web app for a friend that has to run initially on a windows localhost and be able to hand it over to his developer for development if it floats the necessary boats. Totally coincidentally, I need to do a prototype for a web app at work too.

Tech Choice Breakdown

I haven’t spent anytime with Ruby On Rails and precious little doing web apps of any kind. Ruby I’ve scripted with a little, any web ui’ed stuff has usually ended up in hasty perl on the intranet. RoR is something I have meant to fit in for a few years.

So, I’ve dug in the library and found the Pragmatic Programmers Agile Web Development With Rails by DT, THH et al, 2005 edition. I understand Ruby and Rails have upped a version or two since then, so I’m tempted to use the book and stick with version 1.x of Rails.

InstantRails 1.7 looks like it hits the two requirements of providing quick start up for my friend, and being version 1.x of Rails so I can use the THH book to get up to speed.

Promise to self is to upgrade once prototype 0.2.x is motted on either system, probably looking at JRuby as well.

Installing InstantRails

  1. Snagged InstantRails 1.7 on advice from Pragmatic Programmer forum (slightly different topic, I know, but looks as though it may apply with my old book). Work is shaping network traffic, so took a bloody age to download.
  2. Extracted the zip contents to C:\, now have a directory C:\InstantRails.
  3. Opened C:\InstantRails\readme.txt and followed the instructions. One functioning server – tick 🙂

Now need to do some Use Cases and get on with it….