Add an opml file of Podcasts to ITunes

  1. Get your opml file (from Google Reader for example)
  2. Make sure the extension on your file is .opml (NOT .xml. If using windows or a mac, check in the command line that the .xml suffix is gone)
  3. In ITunes go to File…Add To Library and select your opml file from the browser
  4. If yougot it right you will be asked if you want to subscribe to X number of podcasts. Click OK
  5. Done

OSX: Create a Playlist From a Folder

I wanted to use this excellent command line from on the mac to create a podcasts playlist on my G1 each time I chucked some new podcast files on it. Unfortunately OSX (or BSD) aren’t exact matches to linux, so here’s my hack. It’s not elegant, too many pipes, but it works!

cd /Volumes/NIALLSG1/Music/Podcasts && find . -type f -exec stat -f "%c %N" {} \; | grep -v '\./\._' | grep -v m4v | sort -rn | sed 's/\.\//;.\//' | awk -F ';' '{print $2}' > ../podcasts.m3u

On my mounted G1 all my podcasts live in /Volumes/NIALLSG1/Music/Podcasts. I generate the podcasts.m3u to the Music folder.

The stat prints the created date as seconds from the epoch followed by the file name.

The first grep -v removes the stupid itunes symbolic links (mutter, mutter) that get copied across from the listings in iTunes, the second removes video podcasts as the Music Player doesn’t play the video.

The sort gives us the list sorted on created date descending.

The sed gives me an easy delimiter to use in the awk. A cheaty bit I know.

The awk spews out the filenames only for the write to the m3u file.

Teh usual caveats apply; your mileage may vary; be careful; etc.

Visualisation of Number of Tracks By Artist

Wordle – My Tracks By Artist

This is built up from my iTunes library. I extracted the artist name for every track in the library and removed the spaces in the names. It could probably stand a little data cleansing (Cafe Del Mar for example has registered as “Caf” and separate artist “DelMar”). Wordle counts the repetitions and sizes it like a tag cloud. I removed Douglas Adams and Roald Dahl because each of their books are broken down into many. many wonderful tracks and they were massively larger than anything else. And cos it’s my data and I can so nerrrr 🙂

I hasten to add they’re not ranked or sized by play count. Haven’t sussed that yet. I can honestly say I’ve got zero count on all the Abba tracks.

Thanks to Dan for pointing me in the right direction for this stuff.

Jensen Interceptor

There was one outside work, so I took a photo for all you lovely people. This of course put me in mind of The Saint. So that’s Song Of The Day.

I’ve never seen the The Saint on TV (it was probably on ITV). I always vaguely thought Roger Moore drove the Volvo and then at some point changed to the Jensen. No. Roger Moore played Simon Templar in the 60’s. The Jensen The Saint was a 1976 model, driven in the remake series in 1989. The chap playing Templar was Simon Dutton (Duttons are another fantastic make of car, but I digress).  You learn something new every day.

I chose the Orbital version cos:

  1. It’s the only version I own
  2. It’s quite kick arse.

The Cult’s Saint is quite good too, and very kick arse, but not quite aligned with the Jensen.

Money Makes the World A Bit Mad

No, never will I post Money Makes The World Go Round, but, in light of this thread on the Sam Smiths forum which Mr Web3point11 pointed me at, I suggest Depeche Mode – Everything Counts today.

Disclosure: I am Spanger, the poster who suggests a reason why; I like beer; I like some Sam Smiths beers; I used to live round the corner from a number of pubs; um; can’t think of anything else pertinent.

Very annoyed about the Sam Smiths stuff if it is indeed true. I really like those pubs, and the beers. That pub you always see in the background on the news when York floods is a Sam Smiths. Used to spend half my life in there, as did various sibs.

Eurovision Madness

Russia won. Gutted.

Ukraine should have had it. Turkeys wasn’t a Eurovision song, way too good. Ditto Britains Andy Abrahams who was cruelly, but totally predictably, ignored to the tune (ahem) of joint last on about 16 points with Polands answer to Ken‘s Dad’s prayers (sorry, that was evil comment, but blimey Poland). Those three were the only songs that you could actually remember 10 mins after hearing them. Stood out from the miasma of ear-assault that is so much a feature of Eurovision.

My favourite for it’s utter Eurovision nuttiness was Bosnia and Hertzegovina… no recollection of the tune but the show was mental and not obvious.

Was going to try to live blog it, but it interrupts watching too much (see last years attempts if you like). Found that Twittering, linked to Facebook status, is an acceptable alternative, esp if others on Twitter are watching too.

Above the Gulf of Arabia

Top one from the 90’s today… The The – Sweet Bird of Truth from the album Infected. Awesome song, awesome album. Amazing how the mind plays tricks. I was convinced it reminded me of 6th form Common Room in the late 80’s, usually fitted in between the genre defining miserablists The Smiths (who I’m not linking to on principle) and The Cure (who are great, so nerr). Turns out it must have been an earlier album as the album was only released in 1990 by which time I was encoding cheques at NatWest Bank in the machine room. The The have been around since 1979, formed and fronted by the iconic Matt Johnson. IMHO Infected is still as fresh today as it was in 1990. Well worth a listen.

I’m defining a new smart playlist to select tracks I haven’t played for over 6 months that I haven’t marked as “Never play again” (1 star rating). Should make sure I hit more of my music more often. I’m hoping surprise and delight, but I have no doubt there will be shock and awe in there too.


We’ve been looking at “previously enjoyed” cars this weekend. More on that later… maybe.

Song of the day is Criminal by Public Image Ltd off the Point Break soundtrack (perfect casting of Swayze and Reeves in that film).

Current book is American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I’m really into it. Not as amusing or uplifting as Anansi Boys but sharing the use of various pantheons of gods, much darker, showing how stories are recycled through cultures, and, I think, quietly asking some deep questions about faith. I am guessing the ending is going to involve sacrifice above and beyond the norm, some more familial grief and reconciliation, and detailing weird father/son relationship issues. I could be wrong. Very wrong. But it’s a very enjoyable book so far.

Rusty Brain

Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion – dunno why but it’s been rolling around my head half the day along with the mother of all headaches (actually not that bad if I ignored it). Great song though. The album Floodland is a guilty pleasure too. Others may assure you it’s really childish gothic and self-important twaddle but I love it. Kick arse.

I still don’t like Bauhaus (the band from Northampton, not the German fashion thing or whatever it was).  Cultured I ain’t.