Add an opml file of Podcasts to ITunes

  1. Get your opml file (from Google Reader for example)
  2. Make sure the extension on your file is .opml (NOT .xml. If using windows or a mac, check in the command line that the .xml suffix is gone)
  3. In ITunes go to File…Add To Library and select your opml file from the browser
  4. If yougot it right you will be asked if you want to subscribe to X number of podcasts. Click OK
  5. Done

Email Is So Broken

As this report (among others thrust at us almost weekly) shows again, email is well and truly broken and we need another way of disseminating personally targetted information that has been requested by the person targetted. Dave Winer wrote about how RSS can help fix it, or get rid of email altogether.

The OPML Editor (which I’m using to post this), and derivatives thereof, can help by having people add and read to centrally held opml conversation files (not a new idea, but standards based and ease of access are key, and provided by opml). The project is an example of this