MongoDb: Drop a Collection With runCommand

Stupidly I managed to create a collection with a space in the name. In the interactive shell various escape chars and quotes using the “db.CollectionName.drop()” solution failed to work. Since I created the blasted thing with a runCommand, I can fix it with a runCommand:

> db.runCommand( { drop : "my output" } );
"nIndexesWas" : 1,
"msg" : "indexes dropped for collection",
"ns" : " output",
"ok" : 1

Money Makes the World A Bit Mad

No, never will I post Money Makes The World Go Round, but, in light of this thread on the Sam Smiths forum which Mr Web3point11 pointed me at, I suggest Depeche Mode – Everything Counts today.

Disclosure: I am Spanger, the poster who suggests a reason why; I like beer; I like some Sam Smiths beers; I used to live round the corner from a number of pubs; um; can’t think of anything else pertinent.

Very annoyed about the Sam Smiths stuff if it is indeed true. I really like those pubs, and the beers. That pub you always see in the background on the news when York floods is a Sam Smiths. Used to spend half my life in there, as did various sibs.

Eurovision Madness

Russia won. Gutted.

Ukraine should have had it. Turkeys wasn’t a Eurovision song, way too good. Ditto Britains Andy Abrahams who was cruelly, but totally predictably, ignored to the tune (ahem) of joint last on about 16 points with Polands answer to Ken‘s Dad’s prayers (sorry, that was evil comment, but blimey Poland). Those three were the only songs that you could actually remember 10 mins after hearing them. Stood out from the miasma of ear-assault that is so much a feature of Eurovision.

My favourite for it’s utter Eurovision nuttiness was Bosnia and Hertzegovina… no recollection of the tune but the show was mental and not obvious.

Was going to try to live blog it, but it interrupts watching too much (see last years attempts if you like). Found that Twittering, linked to Facebook status, is an acceptable alternative, esp if others on Twitter are watching too.

Our Borders are Sealed

Pressed the shuffle button this morning and got a rare treat, Our Lips Are Sealed by Fun Boy Three. Very literal, but it stuck in my head what with the Burma situation and the laughable, if so many people weren’t dying, situation there.

Apparently the main reason the generals of the State Peace and Development Council (no really, that’s what they’re called) don’t have the need to talk to anyone is because the military was given the ability to self fund in the 1950s. This means that, among other things, the military extracts oil from Burma and sells it overseas. They have pots of cash, none of it dependant on the population and really just don’t give a monkeys by the sounds of it. Got most of that off Radio 4 over the last few days.