Bone/Brain Reset

I have a dislocated collarbone, not broken. “Displaced clavicle”. It’s going to be another week flying the couch (not typing apparently, ahem) then maybe I can risk the train again. Doc, so far, says I can’t drive for another 6 weeks, ride push bike for 3 months, motorbike for 6 months. Digesting that. not happy currently.

It’s my own stupid fault, etc.

Bust My Collarbone Pt 2

Jo took me to A&E, luckily before the Sunday morning footballers started knocking seven bells out of each other, so it was just me and an old lady who’d also done her collarbone. Seen, X-rayed, and out in an hour! An A&E record by 3 hours. Well chuffed.

Anyway, I’ve popped part of my collarbone lout of its moorings, not broken it. So it’s being popped back in again on Friday. Until then i have take paracetamol, try not to move, and generally feel like an invalid. Boring.

Bust My Collarbone Pt 1

Whilst on the weekly off-road bike ride this morning, I fluffed a path crossing, hit a deep horses hoofprint, bottomed out the front sus and the tyre and flipped for a face plant. Unfortuntely, I’ve got pedals with clips, rather than SPDs at the moment, so the bike stayed attached and I managed somehow to clout my collarbone hard against the bike somewhere as we decked. Walked back, laughing most of it. Steve said it was a most amusing wipe-out, six points for style. We were pretty sure I’d only bruised it badly but after getting my shirt off, the lump kept moving, so I asked Jo to take me to A&E….