Eurovision Madness

Russia won. Gutted.

Ukraine should have had it. Turkeys wasn’t a Eurovision song, way too good. Ditto Britains Andy Abrahams who was cruelly, but totally predictably, ignored to the tune (ahem) of joint last on about 16 points with Polands answer to Ken‘s Dad’s prayers (sorry, that was evil comment, but blimey Poland). Those three were the only songs that you could actually remember 10 mins after hearing them. Stood out from the miasma of ear-assault that is so much a feature of Eurovision.

My favourite for it’s utter Eurovision nuttiness was Bosnia and Hertzegovina… no recollection of the tune but the show was mental and not obvious.

Was going to try to live blog it, but it interrupts watching too much (see last years attempts if you like). Found that Twittering, linked to Facebook status, is an acceptable alternative, esp if others on Twitter are watching too.

Greetings from the Everton Jury

It’s the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. 8pm on BBC3. Don’t miss it! Pick your SOTD from that and vote for it as many times as your bank account/conscience can handle 🙂

I may be posting almost live (or possibly dead) from the sofa.

Interesting article from the BBC about Eurovision voting patterns.