Getting MSSQL Command Line Access from ISQL on Ubuntu

Install freetds
sudo apt-get install freetds-bin

Check it works:
fsql -S -U

See how to use it (it pretty much matches isql and bcp).
man fisql
man freebcp

Engineer Victory Dance (the hard work was done the freetds posse and all those lovely linux peeps, but dance anyway, required action).

Tell RDBMS Intra SQL Transaction?

Trying to capture some sql server/sybase related research (minimal). I need to tell the underlying RDBMS type the current statement is running on and run a raiserror dependant on it (as the method signature is heterogenous). Intra-procedure to support portable code. However, @@servername is the closest I’ve got so far, which is crap, and the syntax check fails on both anyway cos of the method signatures. Nuts and bolts. I think I’m going to have to construct the SQL in calling process which knows what type of rdbms it’s using. Ah well.

DECLARE @errorString varchar(50), @errorValue int
SET @errorString = 'processing date hack'
SET @errorValue = @@error
RAISERROR 17000 'Failed while processing %1! with error no %2!.', @errorString, @errorValue
RAISERROR ('Failed while processing %s with error no %d.',
16, 1, @errorString, @errorValue)